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In the aftermath of our pandemic lockdown, two friends unexpectedly reunited in the park. Kevin Allen Kerber and Barclay Powers, both passionate about wellness and movement, quickly caught up on lost time. Barclay shared his recent battle with Covid-19 and how he overcame the symptoms using his unique form of chi-gong, breathing techniques, and meditation.

As they talked more, they realized that many people were struggling with long-term Covid effects and facing unprecedented challenges in their physical and mental health. Barclay’s practice had shown remarkable results in supporting those with neuro-degenerative conditions, substance recovery, and physical therapy.

Kevin was inspired by Barclay’s success and saw the urgent need for accessible wellness resources. That’s when Center Point was born. They set out to create self-published materials, online classes, and free resources for mindfulness, calm centering, and exercise.

Their vision quickly gained support, and Center Point is now featured in their local community college’s new student wellness center as a valuable resource for student wellness. With a strong focus on Mind, Movement, and Breath, Center Point offers a unique and effective approach to wellness that is gaining recognition and changing lives.

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