Dorje- Meteorite Pendant



Created under the guidance of Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche (1938-2010)

Impressed by the difficult task of crafting sacred sky metal into these detailed spiritual treasures of enlightened deities, these remarkable pieces received his admiration, and blessing.

Skymetal/Meteorite is highly regarded for it’s highly auspiscious qualities and is known to bring great blessings. It is the most sacred metal, a gift not of this Earth.
Made from meteorite by the leading metaphysical stone jeweler, these extraordinary pieces are limited to their original run and will never be made again.

The creator of these rare pieces has kept them safely resting for decades, and is making them available now as a blessing to benefit Center Point.

These solid pieces feel substantial, and have a remarkable visual quality. The energy that comes off these pieces when handled is literally out of this world. 

Includes velvet bag,
and attractive certificate of authenticity and provenance, hand-signed by the project’s creator.

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