Ethical Guidelines for Subliminal Audio Content

At Center Point, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work, including the creation and distribution of subliminal audio content. Our ethical principles include:

1. Transparency and Informed Consent:
• We provide clear information about the use of subliminal audio or ultrasonic frequencies.
• We ensure that users are informed about the purpose and nature of subliminal content and obtain their consent.

2. Positive Intentions and Integrity:
• Our subliminal content is designed with positive intentions, promoting personal growth, self-improvement, and stress reduction.
• We uphold honesty and integrity, refraining from using subliminal messages for manipulative or harmful purposes.

3. Privacy and Data Security:
• We respect user privacy by obtaining consent and implementing strong data security measures.

4. Avoiding Vulnerable Audiences:
• We do not target vulnerable individuals, ensuring our content is accessible and beneficial to all.

5. Cultural Sensitivity:
• We respect cultural and ethical differences, recognizing that norms vary worldwide.

6. Non-Deceptive Marketing:
• We avoid false claims and unrealistic promises in our marketing efforts.

7. User Control and Well-Being:
• Users have the option to control exposure to subliminal content and opt out if desired.
• We prioritize user well-being, monitoring potential impacts on mental health and providing resources as needed.

8. Ethical Research and Compliance:
• We adhere to ethical research practices and legal requirements in our jurisdiction.

9. Accountability and Continuous Improvement:
• We welcome user feedback and address ethical concerns promptly.
• Our commitment to ethical practices guides our ongoing efforts for improvement.

At Center Point, ethical considerations are central to our mission of supporting individuals on their journeys of self-discovery and well-being.

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