Bio- Kevin Allen Kerber

Kevin Allen Kerber is a multifaceted artist, designer, and creative visionary with a rich background in various forms of media and design. Having studied at the prestigious School of Visual Arts, Kevin quickly established himself as an early adopter of groundbreaking technologies and innovative design methods. From beta-testing Photoshop before its launch to creating one of the first million websites and exploring early 3D modeling and rendering, Kevin’s forward-thinking approach has placed him at the forefront of his field.

With an impressive client roster that includes MTV, E! Television, SONY, Disney, and more, Kevin’s work has made a significant impact on the entertainment and music industries. His portfolio encompasses album covers for iconic bands like the Allman Brothers, light show projection imagery, major music tour merchandising, and designs for the Jimi Hendrix family. Kevin’s work has also been featured in popular television shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and the acclaimed Showtime series on Rick Rubin’s studio, Shangri-La.

As a co-founder of the United Nations Day of Peace Broadcast, Kevin has been instrumental in producing inspiring and meaningful live broadcasts from around the world. His innovative spirit has led him to explore digital currency, crowdsourced and crowdproduced concepts, virtual shopping systems, and profit-sharing models like PiePay, long before they became mainstream.

As a highly skilled and versatile artist, Kevin’s talents span across concept creation, writing, illustration, video production, motion graphics, print graphics, promotional materials, 3D environments, VR development, and Augmented Reality. In addition to his visual artistry, he is an accomplished comedy writer, musician, and performer. Throughout his career, Kevin has had the privilege of meeting and engaging with numerous cultural icons, some of whom he now counts as friends.

Never one to shy away from new challenges, Kevin’s diverse and impressive history is a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to the creative world. His unique blend of talent, innovation, and experience makes him a true force in the realm of artistic expression.

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