Mindless Mindfulness is the experiential absence of an artificial internal dialogue, free from negative thoughts and tension.

It is a balanced state of awareness where you are centered in your being and able to navigate life with mental clarity, emotional balance, and vigor.

To achieve this state, we employ a set of movements which supercharge the body’s meridian system and focus of clean cellular energy production.

In 100 hours, you will anchor until simple proven methods that naturally rewire your nervous system which reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, while increasing your strength, focus, and physical, emotional, and mental balance.

The secret is to learn these simple self-healing techniques until they become intuitive and effortless.

Harmonize your environment, mind, body, and breathing to return to your center.

the Center Point 10/10/10 starter program:10 minutes gentle in-place movement10 minutes standing (with breaks as needed)
10 minutes seated breathing exercise
As you learn the routines, you’ll find yourself extending your sessions, feeling the benefits.
The goal is that you feel better from every session.

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