A rare stash of original Pigpen photos found, with extraordinary provenance.

Five historic pieces are now available for sale.

Mike Hagen is Ken Kesey’s college friend, and one of the “Original 13” Merry Pranksters.
Mike was the cameraman of the infamous bus footage from Further.
When their Acid Test friends, the Grateful Dead, needed a hand with growing gig demands Mike sent his brother Johnny Hagen down to become their road crew “quippie”.

This 1973 Rolling Stone article describes the relationship:
“Actually the original guy from Pendleton was Johnny Hagen, who was the brother of Kesey’s buddy Mike Hagen. He came on when the Dead asked for somebody from the Kesey bus.”

Johnny passed away many years ago now, and some of his stuff was stashed away at brother Mike’s house in Oregon. I stumbled upon a forgotten box of Johnny’s personal items at Mike’s last summer when cleaning out an old delivery truck. There were many goodies in there, and Mike has agreed to offer a few special items for sale.

These original Herb Greene photos of Pigpen are printed on Kodak photo paper. They are signed, but not numbered. These were not part of a print series. They are original personal prints from 1967, given to the man and friend who hauled Pig’s rig around.

Prints include an exclusive and gorgeous Certificate of Authenticity and Provenance, rendered in fine detail.
Signed by presenter Mike Hagen in original hand, with holographic seal, ribbon, and online data reference. 

This handsome document provides a remarkable historic reference, and serves to underscore and properly illuminate the value of these rare items.

For more information about these items, this sale, or media inquiries, please contact us using this form.

Thank you for your interest.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Center Point Self-Care, an internal strengthening system based on Chi-Kong and Meditation, which has been endorsed by GDead alumni Carolyn Garcia, Alan Trist, and Nicki Skully, all of whom have experienced remarkable health benefits as a result of using Center Point.

Also check out this fundraising offer,
collection exclusive to Center Point.

These pieces were produced by Barclay Powers in the 1990’s. He had iron meteorite, older than this Earth, crafted into this remarkable series. 

Quite serendipitously, I once had the catalog these were initially sold through, from Heaven and Earth in Vermont. I wanted one of these, never got one but recalled the ad with vivid clarity when Barclay mentioned he had not only been involved, but had the original stash here in Oregon, 30 years later! The wheel sure does turn. I wanted, and waited (had forgotten. let go) and years later the mother lode showed up on my lap.

We have a small supply, get one, they will not be made again.
You will love these treasures. Makes a great gift. Wear as a pendant, or hang from your shrine or sacred spot.
This metal has traveled the cosmos for untold ages until it happened upon a newly formed Earth. 

Comes with Signed Certificate

Barclay Powers, producer of this series, affixes his signature in original hand on each document, with details of the original production.
Printed on parchment and created for this exclusive series.

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